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Mother's Day Takeout Information

Only items on the Mother's Day Menu are available

Any items ordered not found on the Mother's Day Menu will be automatically voided and refunded


Mother's Day Charcuterie Tray

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Curbside Pickup Information

Available Tuesday – Sunday

Hours as Listed Below


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Weekend Special

April 23 - 24 - 25


Osso Buco Milanese with Risotto & Vegetable



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All orders to be placed & paid with credit card online with 1 days’ notice.


Due to a high volume of phone calls, please place your order online below.

Thank you & enjoy!


Upon arrival, have your order # ready, call 519-981-9938 and we will place your order on the pickup station. Please follow the pylons to the designated area.


No Substitutions

All orders are final once submitted.

Pricing subject to change without notice. Pricing is per person unless otherwise stated. Tax extra.


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Healthcare & Front-line Workers enter your employee/badge/certification # to receive 15% off your order!

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All orders are available by curb side pickup


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