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We are always looking for new members to join the Club and get involved in our Ciociaro heritage

If you would like to apply for a General or Junior Member membership, or If you would like to enrol your child as a participant in theCiociaro Pre-Junior Kids’ Club, you can download applications in Adobe PDF below or call our office at 519-737-6153

In order to become a Ciociaro Club member, you must be born in Ciociaria, Italy (Provincia di Frosinone) or must be descendant of the area or have resided 5 years in Ciociaria.

General Member (18 yrs. & over)

  1. Annual Dues: $50 per year (plus HST) Plus a one time initiation fee of $150
  2. Lifetime Membership (Optional): One-time payment (discounted), based on current age (call the Club for specific details).

Junior Member (14-17 yrs. Old)

  1. One time payment: $50.00. Covers membership from age 14 through 23 (see note below). No initiation fee required
  2. Lifetime Membership (Optional): One-time payment (discounted), based on current age (call the Club for specific details).


A. The annual dues for a Junior Member will increase starting the year he or she turns 24 so that they are in line with those of a General Member. This Junior member, however, becomes a General Member at 18 years of age and is entitled to all of the benefits of being a General Member according to the constitution.

B. All applications must be accompanied by the required payment in order to be processed.

C. Senior citizens, 65 years and over, wishing to become a member, are required to pay the fees as stated above for a General Member, however, are only required to pay for a maximum of 5 years.

D. Existing members turning 65, and that have paid dues for at least 5 consecutive years, are no longer required to pay the annual fee.

E. All membership payments are non-refundable.

F. All members, in order to remain in good standing, must abide by the by-laws set forth in the Ciociaro Club Constitution.

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