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Floor Plans

The floor plan for your event will be generated when your guarantee for meals is received. The final number of guest tables depends on your final guarantee. Ciociaro Club requires tables of ten guests. Your final floor plan must be returned to us no later than three business days prior to your event. The floor plan should include the following:

1. Final head count – number of guests including head table. Children must be included in the guarantee and are charged for as follows:

a. Children aged 3 years or less are no charge

b. Small children 4 years to ten years are charged at 50% of the contract meal price.

c. Persons eleven years and older are charged at the full meal price.

Final head count is required no later than 1 full week prior to your event. Breakdown of  adults and children must be given prior to the event, at the time the guarantee is given.

2. Specified seating – please number all tables inside the circle and indicate number of guests per table just outside the circle – do all work on the floor plan given to you. Please try to maintain 10 guests per table. This assures guest comfort, ease of service and safe work practices for our staff. Alternate seating arrangements must be pre-approved by the Manager. The Club does provide table stands and numbers but we do NOT provide place cards or table menus.

3. Indicate high chairs or boosters at desired tables.

4. Indicate vegetarian meals at desired tables. (see special meal request section)

5. Specific room requirements or special room lay outs must be discussed and approved by the Manager at the  time of contract completion.

6. Decorators or florists may contact the Club up to and no later than 1 week prior to the event. Room set ups will not be changed once set up. We do not permit guests or ven-dors to use our kitchen for any reason, due to current health & safety regulations.

7. Ideal table counts are somewhat flexible. We can usually add a few more tables or take a few tables out. However, please be aware that table numbers over the ideal affect the size of the dance floor and spacing between guest tables.

Reminder: The more elements you put into your event (coffee cart, ice cream cart, DJ, band, sweet/fruit table, cake table, gift table, etc), the less room available for the dance floor and guest tables. Also a mixture of round and long tables may have to be used. Specific spacing between guest tables is required to ensure safe food service. Please consult the Manager for further details.

Seating capacities include a limited area for dancing, head table and musical entertainment. A combination of round and long tables or all long tables can be used.


All outside vendors must report to the office upon arrival. All deliveries are to come through the receiving door at the southeast corridor. All vendors must work in a manner that promotes their safety and the safety of our employees and guests.

Any damages incurred by vendors will be charged to the customer. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Any damages incurred by vendors will be charged to the customer. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please take your belongings with you at the end of your event!


SOCAN, plus tax, as per schedule - (tariff re writers & composers, based on room capacity)RE-SOUND, plus tax, as per schedule - (tariff re artists & recording studios, based on room capacity)

You will notice these charges on your invoice after your event.

End of event is 1 am unless special arrangements are made with management.

Note: Volume levels may be limited at the discretion of Management.


A reasonable amount of platforms per event is included. Extra large or elaborate head tables and/or entertainment needs may be subject to a platform rental fee. The Manager will discuss this with you if platform rental becomes necessary.


You will be billed for your final head count or “guarantee”, plus any additional meals served. If some guests do not attend and the Club serves less than your guaranteed number, you will be charged for your guarantee. Our food purchasing is based on your guarantee. It would benefit you to obtain as many firm responses as possible before giving the Club your final count. Any changes to your menu must be discussed with the Manager at least one week prior to your event in order to ensure food availability.

Please be accurate with your head count. Do not over or under estimate! The Club ensures an ample supply of food for all your guests if a proper guarantee is given.

If you have fewer guests than you have guaranteed, the Club will package remaining food, IF ANY. The Club does not guarantee that there will be any remaining food. Your wishes in this re-gard must be made known to the Service Supervisor for your event prior to dinner being served.

Food must be taken out of the building at the end of the event. Events having the guaranteed number of guests or more do not generate any left overs. If you desire take out for home use, please arrange this prior to your event with the Manager.

Special Meal Requests

The Manager would be pleased to discuss this further with you. Guests unable to partake of the menu ordered by the customer are offered one of two vegetarian meals (fresh vegetable stir fry over steamed rice or eggplant parmigiana).

Pasta without sauce or with tomato basil sauce can also be offered. Beyond these choices, guests with special diets or food allergies should contact the office directly. Ciociaro Club makes an effort to accommodate special requests when possible. Should guests have questions regarding food ingredients, they are welcome to call the Club. All special meals including vegetarian meals must be requested at least one week in advance of the event. All food brought into our building must be pre-approved on the contract. The use of our kitchen is not permitted in keeping with current health and safety regulations.

Alcohol And Other Deliveries

The Club must retain a copy of your permit on premises for the duration of your event. Customer should keep original permit in order to be able to return unopened alcohol.

Any alcohol deliveries for permit bars are accepted the day prior to your event between 1 pm and 5 p.m. only. All deliveries are accepted at the southeast corridor service hallway. Please report to the office upon arrival. Favours, decorating elements, etc. can also be accepted at this time. Please check with the office.

All opened or unused cases or bottles of alcohol should be taken out of the building at the end of the event. The Club is prepared to provide alcohol on a limited basis if you should run out of a specific item. This will be invoiced to the customer. Ask the Manager regarding fee structure.

A special occasion permit must be obtained for ANY alcohol brought into the Club (including wine).

Contract Completion

After your initial deposit is made to confirm your booking with us, an additional minimum deposit of 25% (based on expected guests), must be made upon contract completion. Further, a second additional minimum deposit of 25% is required 10 days prior to the event. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. The Manager would like to see you to complete your contract no later than 3 months prior to your event. Any outstanding balances are due and payable within ten days after your event.

Rentals, equipment, food or special services not listed on the contract, but requested by the customer, will be invoiced to the customer. All arrangements must be made with the Manager and fee structures will be discussed at that time.

Appropriate waivers, if any, will be presented to you along with the contract. The Manager will go over relevant details regarding any waivers at that time.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 519-737-6153.

Venue Rules and Guidelines

  1. All vendors/set up people must report to the office upon arrival.
  2. All deliveries/materials/set up items are to come through the receiving door located at the back of the Club. It is the second receiving door on the west side of the building.
  3. All vendors/set up people must work in a manner that promotes their own safety as well as the safety of our employees and guests. Vendors and customers must provide their own personal protection equipment, ladders, scissors, etc. Depending on the event, vendors/customers may be required to sign a waiver. If so, the waiver will be provided prior to the event at the time of contract completion.
  4. Access to the salons is restricted to the day of the event after 9 a.m. Take down must occur directly after the event.
  5. In Salon A, any design elements must remain 4 feet away from the painted mural wall. Sweet & fruit tables are not permitted on the mural stage.
  6. No fireworks or confetti are permitted in the Salons or in the Foyer.
  7. All ceiling mounted décor must be pre-approved by the Manager. Further, nothing can be taped, screwed in or otherwise affixed to any wall, trim or ceiling. Any damages incurred will be assessed and invoiced to the contracted customer.
  8. The Club does not provide extension cords. All cords must be covered by carpet or taped with non-tac floor tape.
  9. All customers are responsible to remove all items and belongings at the end of the event. The Club cannot store any items overnight. The Club is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  10. The Club does not decorate any rental spaces. All design elements should be pre-approved by the Manager to ensure suitability within the Salon.
  11. Candles are permitted, no drip style only, and must be in a container of some sort. Customers must provide own vases, centerpieces, etc. It is recommended that lit candles not be displayed near other flammable centerpiece items.
  12. The customer is responsible to stay within stated guidelines and is required to adhere to safe work practices in our building. The Club reserves the right to remove persons engaging in unsafe or inappropriate behaviour.

Electronic Presentations

Ciociaro Club offers the means through which our customers can make electronic presentations to their guests.

We can provide*:

Data Projector (fixed in ABC, portable in other salons)

Screen (fixed in ABC, portable in other salons)                                      

DVD player

WI-FI internet at no extra charge

*rental fees may apply, internet access is not guaranteed as it depends on the service provider, no service technician on-site*

If presentations require the use of a computer and software (example: Power Point), the customer must provide:

We recommend that all presentations be in DVD player format. Please note that the Ciociaro Club makes this equipment available for rental. Customers are responsible for the technical integrity of the presentation.

It is recommended that our banquet customers make arrangements with our office to test presentations a few days prior to the event.

Additional Equipment

*additional fees may apply*


DVD Player

LCD Projectors

Control Booth

Polycom Conference Phone




Wireless Slide Projector Remote Control

Professional Audio System with hidden built-in speaker

Separate or interconnected sound system in every Salon

Microphones (stand, cordless, lapel)

Built-in 12'x14' overhead projection screens (Salons A-B-C)

Tripod screens 5'x5' -6'x6' -8'x8'

Manlift Rental


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